About Us

If you need OEM parts, you couldn't hit better

We have been successfully selling parts for Japanese production cars for over seven years. At the beginning, our range of activities included only Subaru cars, but with time we decided to expand the offer with products for all Asian car brands.

We offer regular deliveries and very attractive prices. Cooperation with us is based on clear conditions and an individual approach to each client.

We cordially invite you to cooperate with us.
Why Us?

It is worth cooperating with us

Excellent prices

We import parts directly from the Far East and do not rely on local agents, so that we can offer great prices for parts.

Very wide range of parts

Our suppliers are the largest companies offering parts for Asian cars.

Convenient location

Our company operates in Poland, a country located in central Europe. Thanks to this we can offer convenient delivery conditions.

Certain contractor

We are a company operating legally in Poland and the European Union. We have all the permits for import and sale of parts.