FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Are the parts from our price list available in our stock?

No, the parts from our price list are stored at our suppliers' stocks. In our stock we keep a wide range of products for Subaru cars.

How long does the import of ordered parts take?

From the moment we close the acceptance of orders, the ordered parts are delivered to our clients within approx. 2 weeks. The time to close the acceptance of orders for a specific delivery is placed at the bottom of the "Price List" page.

Are the parts ofered by our shop original?

Yes, all parts imported by our shop are identical with those sold by ASO services of given brands.

Is it possible to return the ordered part?

Since the parts are imported on order, it is not possible to return them.

Are the parts after customs clearance?

Yes, the parts offered by our shop are after customs clearance and VAT paid.
They are legitimately introduced into the European Union.

When shall be payment made?

Payment for the ordered products is required within three days of receipt of the pro-forma invoice.

Does the payment guarantee the receipt of the entire order?

Unfortunately, sometimes there are shortages in our suppliers' deliveries. In case of deficiencies in relation to a pro-forma invoice, the difference in the amount paid is refunded.

What payment methods are accepted?

We offer the possibility of payment via standard bank transfer in the following currencies PLN, EUR, USD. In addition, we accept all major credit cards VISA/Mastercard, as well as PayPal.

What document will confirm the purchase?

We issue a 23% VAT invoice for the purchased parts.

Can I receive a 0% VAT invoice?

It is possible to purchase without VAT 23% in two cases:

  • The buyer runs business in the European Union and has an active EU VAT VIES number and the delivery is dispatch by courier companies such as UPS, DHL, BPB, TNT, FedEx or Raben forwarding company.
  • • The goods are exported outside the European Union via courier companies such as UPS, DHL, BPB, TNT, FedEx and similar.

How can I get a discount code?

Discount codes are made available to companies and individuals who have contacted us and have been verified. We also cooperate with clubs, forums and organizations associating Japanese automotive enthusiasts.

When do I receive information about delivery cost?

The cost of delivery of goods to the place designated by the customer is sent for approval after placing an order.

Can I pick up the goods personally or use my own courier company?

Yes, we offer the possibility of personal collection of goods. The use of a courier company contracted by the buyer is possible according to the Inconterms - EXW directive.

What courier companies carry out parcels?

The ordered goods are sent through courier and forwarding companies like:
UPS, DHL, BPB, TNT, FedEx, Raben.